Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's in your head, in your head

Ajattelin nyt sunnuntai-illan kuluksi listata vähän kappaleita, jotka ovat viime aikoina olleet minulla kovassa soitossa. Osaa näistä olen kuunnellut jo useamman vuoden ajan, mutta silti, niitä jaksaa luukuttaa edelleen! :) Huomaa myös, miten oma musiikkityyli on muutunut, varsinkin musiikin opiskelun aloitettuani musiikkivalikoimani on laajentunut kummasti, ennen oli vain örinämetalli, Nightwish ja Him. :D

Here's some songs I've been listening over and over again, some of them have been on my playlist for years, and I haven't get tired of them! :) My music style has changed a lot, mainly after I started studying music full-time. I used to listen only metal, now I listen some other styles as well.

Arcade Fire: Abraham's Daughter

Then the angel asked her what her name was, 
She said, "I have none."
Then he asked "How can this be?"
"My father never gave me one."

Kerli: Love is dead

This is the hardest part
When you feel like you're fading
All that you have has become unreal
Collapsing, and aching

Kerli: Bulletproof

I'm trying not to think about
All the things you did before
But sometimes it all just gets me
I can't take it anymore
I'll stay with you
But remember be careful what to do
Cause I'm not bulletproof

Anthony Hamilton: Freedom

Not giving up has always been hard, 
But if I do the things easy way I won't get far
Life hasn't been very kind to me lately, 
But I supposed it's a push for moving on
In time the sun's gonna shine on me nicely, 
Something tells me goof things are coming
and I ain't gonna not believe

Eluveitie: Rose for Epona

The sky is falling on me
As your hands turn old and week
I'm giving myself upon to thee
A futile sacrifice gone sere

Xandria: Nightwall

In a desert burning
Children's faces turning
Into another enemy in war.
Icy winds are blowing, 
Over bodies piling high, 
There's no place left for more.

Of Monsters and Men: Love Love Love

The way you hold me so tight, 
All through the night
'Til it was near morning

Sibelius: Impromptu Op.5 No.5

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