Thursday, November 7, 2013

Interesting times

What I've done recently:

1. Knitting  (My family and friends beware, there's gonna be some socks in your Christmas presents!)

2. Taking bad quality outfit pictures.

3. Studying ( or at least I've tried, but music theory doesn't stick in my head early in the morning.. or then I should stop knitting in the classroom and just focus :D)

4. Going to the gym. (I've really got excited about this thing! )

Picture from

5. Practicing my Halloween make-up. (We have a Halloween party this Saturday and I'm gonna be something cute ;) Have to practice really because I'm not very good with make-up.. I will hopefully put some pictures here if I can get some nice pics from my whole outfit!)

Okey this is not cute :D

6. Getting addicted to (Ahh this place is a paradise full of beautiful and inspirational pictures!! <3)

Pic from

7. Started taking Mandarin Chinese lessons. (Very beautiful language, but oh so difficult! But hopefully I will learn at least something..)

pic from weheartit

I've been so busy with my studies recently, and still don't have internet in my laptop sniif. Have to update my blog with this stupid (slow) computer in my classroom. :P I got awesome shoes which I bought from one online fleamarket, have to show them here soon!


  1. Täähän oli kiva listaus, mukava oli lukea, että mitä siellä päin tapahtuu. ^^

  2. Knitting in the classroom? Tsk, tsk! :-D

    1. Haha yeah :D I'm very restless person, so if I had to just sit and listen I would go mad I think :D So I hope the knitting would help me focus in a way but I don't know does it really work..